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Cricket Housing

 The container that crickets are kept in needs to be escape proof and well-ventilated. If you are only keeping a small quantity (a few dozen) the Critter Keeper containers are ideal. For keeping larger numbers of crickets, I use large Rubbermaid or Sterlite plastic storage containers. Some prefer glass aquariums with screen covers can be used, however I find them heavy and hard to clean. I cut a large opening in the lid of the storage container and glue (I use aquarium sealer) aluminum window screen over the opening. Nylon screen is easier to work with, but the crickets will eventually eat through it.

I prefer to leave the bottom bare and clean it frequently with a small whisk broom and dust pan. You will need to proved climbing and hiding areas. The tube from a roll of paper towels works great and makes it easy to gather the crickets. Food trays can be made from heavy duty disposable plates

Crickets need to be kept warm. Since our house stays around 72F I use a small ceramic heat emitter to get the temps above 75F.







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