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reptile food, tortoise food, turtle food and pet supplies
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TNT Tortoise Nutritional Supplement

 Dried weeds, flowers and plants are an excellent way of supplementing grocery store greens. They add fiber, balance the amino acid content, provide the most bioavailable calcium. The ground weeds flowers and plants are easy to mix with store bought produce. They nutritionally similar to their non dried counterpart, just minus most the water (dried plants are typically around 5% water whereas their fresh counterpart is 95% water)

This blend of powders was developed for Russian Tortoises, but is excellent for all grazing torts. It has been tested over the last 10 or so years on hatchlings and adults. By using this I have eliminated the need to use any other supplements including calcium powders. All ingredients were chosen for their health benefits, palatability and nutritional content. The result is a mix with balanced amino acids, high calcium and magnesium, low phosphorous and high soluble and insouluble fiber.

  • barley grass powder: Barley grass contains eighteen amino acids, including the eight essential ones—that is, the amino acids that we must get from our diet. The body cannot produce them itself. MORE

  • Roselle powder (Hibiscus): Ground dried hibiscus flowers. This is a course powder...not whole chunks Sprinkle a small amount over food a few times a week. Great source of calcium !!  MORE

  • cactus powder (opuntia): Opuntia cactus (nopales) is an excellent food for reptiles. Its high in fiber and calcium and low in phosphorous. MORE

  • powdered orchard/Timothy grass hay: An excellent source of fiber MORE

  • dandelion leaf powder: An excellent source of vitamin A, D, calcium and magnesium. It is also an excellent source of essential fatty acids. MORE

  • plantain leaf powder: another common weed used by many for tortoises. Its high in calcium vitamin A (10,000IU/100g) and vitamin D

  • calendula petal powder: Calendula flowers are high in Vitamins A & C. They also are known to boost immunity

  • chickweed powder: also high in calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C.

  • rose petal powder: great source of calcium, vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E,  and iron. Also high in bioflavonoids

  • strawberry leaf powder: great source of vitamin C, calcium and fiber

  • raspberry leaf powder: great source of vitamin C, calcium , bioflavinoids and fiber

  • mulberry leaf powder: high in vitamin C, antioxidents, fiber and rich in a balanced blend of amino acids

  • rose hip powder: rich in vitamin C

  • Professional Grade Probiotics: with 16 strains of microencapsulated (so more survive the digestive process and end up in the intestines where they are needed) beneficial bacteria. The over all effect is to lower the gut pH which inhibits pathogenic organisms and encourages the growth of the normal gut flora.







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